Art on board superyachts: Hidden treasures revealed

Written by Laura Nicholls

From a rare Picasso to a record-breaking Basquiat painting, there are some superyachts who house better art collections than a national gallery. Which, if you think about it, is entirely apt, as a custom-built superyacht is a work of artists and craftsman and just like art, is a form of escapism.Struik & Hamerslag interior craftsman marketingPhoto: Struik & HamerslagLooking beyond the art that adorns the walls of the owner’s deck, there are many hidden treasures on board a superyacht in the way the specially-sourced wood veneer has been inlaid, or how the glasswork was hand-carved by a team of specialists. These details are down to the craftsmanship of interior specialists such as Struik & Hamerslag, who, along with a team of 190, has become one of the leading suppliers in the industry. Having worked on over 200 superyachts and counting, those at Struik & Hamerslag have the urge to reveal more about some of the most intricate interior design features they have had the pleasure of creating. Struik & Hamerslag interior craftsman marketingPhoto: Struik & HamerslagIt is no surprise that, like all professional suppliers, Struik & Hamerslag are bound by strict privacy agreements with their clients. With only a few and not often opportunities to showcase their work, the craftsman are keen to share the stories behind what can be seen: the hidden treasures on the oceans.    Struik & Hamerslag interior craftsman marketingPhoto: Struik & Hamerslag“We are making the most beautiful interiors with dedication and exclusive materials,” says company director Eric de Meij. As he flicks through the company’s extensive portfolio, he goes on to explain why he likes to call the projects ‘hidden treasures’. “Fabulous designs are translated by our hardworking team to fulfil the unique interior dreams of our clients. These hidden treasures on board private superyachts are everywhere in the world but their presentation to the public is the hidden aspect. Each artwork we create is a result of hundreds of man-hours that is never visible to the majority of the people.” Lady Christine yacht staircasePhoto: FeadshipOnce a yacht is listed for charter or for sale, the non-disclosure arrangements are surpassed by the internet and its open publicity. The team revel in the excitement of being able to share their work. For example, the 68-metre Feadship yacht for sale Lady Christine, unknowingly to some, features a stairway spanning five decks, one deck of which was created with a secret masterpiece. A handmade display of marquetry - a craft which applies pieces of veneer to a patterned structure - portrays the seven wonders of the world, one being Lady Christine herself at the request of her owner. Custom made exactly to the client’s wishes, this art, as de Meij explains, was “built years ago, and it is these unique expressions of design that are still standing strong and reflects our expert craftmanship of today.”Sea Owl yacht guest lobby Photo: Winch DesignAnother floating treasure chest is the 62-metre Sea Owl, also built by Feadship, one of Struik & Hamerslag’s long-standing partners. “This family yacht contains many small stories and eye-catching features integrated into the interior,” reveals de Meij as he shares more about one particularly fascinating aspect onboard. The handcrafted artwork in the central staircase of the guest lobby is illuminated by lighting that cleverly depicts the twists and turns of a tree’s roots. The roots then mysteriously follow along the floor of the corridor, leading guests into a magical rainforest with hand-painted ferns and colourful wildlife decorating the walls. Whilst aboard Sea Owl, the Struik & Hamerslag team were also commissioned to create a special pirate cabin for the children, where the beds, woodwork and wall paintings helped to create a special fantasy place. Sea Owl yacht interiorPhoto: FeadshipAfter all, the time, capital and dedication that is spent on building a custom superyacht, it deserves to be the perfect place. De Meij agrees: “Everybody understands that a yacht’s interior is a private crown jewel for a family. We are very proud to work in this industry and will always continue to fulfil dreams by creating new and sophisticated interiors.” Sea Owl yacht guest corridorPhoto: Winch Design“We feel that giving more insight into these magnificent interiors at an earlier stage could attract new clients to step into the wonderful world of yachting. One way or the other, it is our mutual passion to make sure that yacht interior dreams genuinely can come true!”

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