Up close with Nobiskrug's edgy superyacht Artefact in the Caribbean

Written by Laura Nicholls

As one of the most complex and environmentally-friendly vessels Nobiskrug has ever undertaken, the 80-metre superyacht Artefact is not one to pass by unnoticed. Since her delivery earlier this year to her visionary and technically-minded owner, Artefact was quick to take off in the direction of the Mediterranean for the summer to then lie amongst the tropical Caribbean islands for the remainder of the year.ย 

Here, we take a closer look at the hybrid vessel in never-seen-before photos as she cruises against the serene backdrop of St. Lucia.Artefact yacht cruisingPhoto: Francisco MartinezNearly two and a half years of research and development was undertaken by Nobiskrug's naval architects together with the yachtโ€™s designers Gregory C. Marshall (exterior) and Reymond Langton (interior).
Artefact yacht anchoredPhoto: Francisco MartinezArtefact yacht anchoredPhoto: Francisco MartinezAs one of four decks, the sun deck carries 23 square metres of solar panels that provide 6kW of additional power.Artefact yacht anchoredPhoto: Francisco MartinezArtefact yacht anchoredPhoto: Francisco MartinezAt 2,990 GT, Artefact is the highest volume 80-metre motor yacht in the world.Artefact yacht cruisingPhoto: Francisco MartinezArtefact yacht anchoredPhoto: Francisco MartinezArtefact yacht exterior detailPhoto: Francisco MartinezArtefact is characterised by a multifaceted exterior that combines sculptural shapes and hull cut-outs to create a multi-dimensional effect as the yacht is viewed in different light. Using composite materials to build the superstructure made this flexibility in the design possible and provided crucial weight savings needed from the huge amounts of glass.
Artefact yacht cruisingPhoto: Francisco Martinez

Artefact yacht exterior detailPhoto: Francisco MartinezApart from her design, another stand-out feature is her sophisticated hybrid propulsion system. Built to IMO Tier III NOx emission regulations, Artefact is 25-30% more efficient compared to vessels with conventional diesel engines in her class.Artefact yacht cruisingPhoto: Francisco Martinez

Artefact yacht cruisingPhoto: Francisco MartinezArtefactโ€™s hybrid system consists of four CAT generators (tow house and two main) and 610 kWh worth of Lithium-ion batteries that operate together in various cruising modes. The system is coupled to the twin ABB compact azimuthing pods which also provide full Dynamic Positioning (DP) capabilities.



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