Arthur Tay, Chairman of One 15 Marina Club at the Singapore Yacht Show

The SuperYacht Times team is currently in Singapore for the fifth edition of the Singapore Yacht Show, being hosted at the One 15 Marina Club located at Sentosa Cove, Singapore. We spoke to Arthur Tay this morning, the Chairman of the Marina, who spoke candidly about the success of the Show and the state of the Asian superyacht industry.

Beginning with validating the Singapore Show, he says, “We are hosting the Singapore Yacht Show for a fifth time, and for five years we have done well, so I think we can give ourselves a pat on the back for that. In Fort Lauderdale they have been going for 42 years, in a bigger country where they converge yachting and boating together. Monaco has been going for 20 or 25 years. In just five years we have made the Singapore Yacht Show what it is today. My teams and my colleagues have brought in business from the yachting industries in Australia, Europe and America, and we learn from each other.

“We’re evolving a lot, and I believe that One 15 is just one of many marinas to come in which we can host such a great international event. Singapore itself, although it is small, is a relatively big host. Priorities are given to the ports to use it for better economic return."

Speaking about what the future holds for the marina, Tay hopes to build on the success of the Singapore Yacht Show and move into different events, and suggests the boating community in his Marina is ready for that development. He comments, “We are going to sponsor another event in the future very soon, with some regattas. With this show we have 270 boats here, and we had to move 170 boats out. That is a lot of engagement between our boat owners and members, and they all did it because they want the Show to be here. We are looking at building more sustainable marinas across the Asian shoreline, and we have a few in mind already. I think the Asia potential for the yachting lifestyle will only grow in the years to come.”

Tay concluded with a note of encouragement to the government of Singapore to promote the yachting lifestyle in the future as a way to boost the economy, the way in which to do this has to be to educate the people, he says. “We have to instigate, and educate them, bring them out. Such Shows will be a very good platform. They don’t have to go to Monaco, bring the Show here to them and familiarise this. We have to do our best efforts to encourage them to get into this lifestyle.” at the Singapore Yacht Show

Meet at the Singapore Yacht Show. Both our editorial and sales team will be present in Singapore throughout the event. Pick up a free copy of the brand new edition of our quarterly newspaper, distributed at several spots around the show, meet us for a chat about advertising or media solutions, or simply join us for a drink at the bar. We look forward to meeting you in Singapore.

By Maarten Janssen, Gemma Fottles



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