Asia Superyacht Conference in full swing

The 2nd Asia Superyacht Conference, to be held in Singapore in October this year, is fast creating a unique Superyacht meeting point in Asia with delegates from around the world registering to attend and new high profile speakers being added every week.

The conference, held in collaboration with the Superyacht Singapore Association (SSA) and sponsored by MTU and Pantaenius, builds on the excellent success achieved in 2009 when over 150 participants attended from 30 countries around the world. This number is expected to be exceeded this year with a high number of delegates expected from Europe.

The 2009 event had an unprecedented impact on the Asia-Pacific region. “The conference this year is adding a new dimension with many more yacht builders and designers booking from Europe and beyond” commented Jean-Jacques Lavigne, Executive Director of the SSA. “This level of interest supports our current traffic figures in Singapore with visiting yachts nearly 100% up from 2009

This view is supported by SSA Vice Chairman YP Loke who added, “in South East Asia we've always known we had the geographic attributes for good cruising. The question was how to get it on the radar of owners and captains worldwide, and to develop the services that will keep them coming back. This conference is the best platform for achieving this objective.”

One theme of the conference is to showcase the benefits, superyacht facilities and natural beauty of the region and Captains and Charter Operators are key target attendees. Nick Coombes, Director of Asia Pacific Superyachts and the Chairman of The Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS) added, “Having sailed the waters of South East Asia for the past 16 years, I am fully aware of the spectacular cruising grounds available to visiting Superyachts. With the overpopulation of yachts in the Med, many large Yachts are also discovering this region, and will require the same levels of support and infrastructure they have grown accustomed to elsewhere. This conference will help realise what we have to offer, and what we need to put in place to meet these demands for the future

The conference is a key facilitator for the region to work together and a series of presentations from Australian and New Zealand experts will take place. Charles Dickson, who is the Manager of Marine Queensland’s Gold Coast Division and an expert in marine precincts added, “While Australia’s favourite cruising grounds are a long way from Singapore they are also incredibly well placed in relation to developing Asian, Pacific and Indian Ocean cruising routes. We feel that Australia can add a lot to this conference in terms of our experience with marine precincts and big yacht support. However, we recognise that we also need to learn from and work with Asia to encourage more super yachts into the region as a whole.”

In addition to showcasing the region, the conference will enable the industry and Government alike to understand the business better and facilitate the growth not only of visiting Superyachts but of the Superyacht building and refit business. Captain Cilian Budarlaigh, of the Indonesian Superyacht Association, commented "Indonesia is strategically located as the gateway between Asia and the Pacific. We have the world's best marine cruising grounds and bio-diversity within easy distance from Singapore and Asia/Pacific but we have a lot to do to make it easier to visit via superyacht. This conference allows us showcase what we have and learn from international experience how to improve the maritime regulations in our region"

The event recognises that not every country in Asia is easy to cruise in and key centres such as Hong Kong have major opportunities to make progress here. Twenty year veteran of the Hong Kong and insurance specialist Colin Dawson added “The visit of Silver Zwei to Hong Kong in recent weeks is an example of how a big superyacht can have a fantastic time in our world class city. However, we are behind other centres in Asia in terms of regulation, planning and facilities. This conference is a fantastic way of sharing ideas in Asia and helping to educate Governments on the financial impact of visiting superyachts

Many delegates attending the event in 2009 have reported real opportunities and have done business as a result of participating first time around. The conference enables all aspects of the industry, from yacht builders to designers to refit yards to identify opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. The conference is therefore focused on those with genuine experience in the Asia-Pacific region but adds in an international mix of presenters to identify best practice from around the world. Oscar Siches, European based marina expert added, “I’m very proud to be one of the European contingent on the ASC Advisory Panel and a speaker. While the focus is clearly on Asia, by adding experience and case studies from Europe we can hopefully manage to avoid in Asia some of the mistakes in marina development that so often take place.”

With over 30 speakers delivering keynote presentations and participating in interactive discussions the event is sure to deliver value. Superyacht building in Asia will be covered by presentations from China and Taiwan.

Those wishing to attend are reminded that the early bird booking rate end on August 31st.

The conference will be hosted by Official Venue Host One°15 Marina Club and approximately 200 participants are expected.

Superyacht Singapore Association
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