ASP managed yacht Northern Cross goes green

ASP Yacht Management based in San Remo Italy and managed by Lena Sundell has encouraged the owner of Northern Cross to convert his yacht into an environmentally friendly vessel. Lena, who has been passionate about caring for the environment for many years, contacted environmental and organic supply specialist Earthly Supply Company in Antibes France, to supply products and services for this project.

An integrated approach focused on cleaning products many of which ultimately end up in the ocean. Not only is this detrimental to marine life; but to crew and guests exposed to these vapours and chemicals.

Earthly Supplies specialise in supplying biodegradable cleaning products for Deck and Interior in addition to comfort items such as candles, linen, and towels. Toilet paper that dissolves completely in 5 minutes versus 5 days is sure to excite engineers familiar with cleaning sanitary systems further down the line.

Guests are pampered with natural sun creams, biodegradable shampoos of the finest quality and wrapped in fluffy organic cotton towels and linen. Long lasting clean burning candles that leave no residue will meet the approval of stewardesses. Earthly Supplies integrated approach goes all the way from the hands of crew, to reduced sludge in pipes & tanks, to cleaner oceans.

ASP Yacht Management have introduced their planned maintenance system on board Northern Cross. Backed by ASP Ships with over 50 years experience managing ships worldwide, Northern Cross will benefit from streamlined systems tailored to yachting.

Commercial shipping companies are well aware of efficiency in management. Yacht Auditing international has been engaged to inspect management ensuring they deliver promised objectives to ownership. By considering longer term maintenance planning, optimising management efficiency and selecting biodegradable products, ultimately savings are projected for ownership.

ASP Yacht Management working with ASP Ships experience continue development for cleaner and safer working practices for existing vessels and new construction projects where efficient systems can be introduced to benefit all.

The Earthly Supply company ( are currently concentrating sales and marketing on the French and Italian Riviera. They will shortly have an info letter facility to inform interested parties about news, products and services as interest grows with more and more yachts going green.

ASP Yacht Management
Lena Sundell
[email protected]



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