Aussie company JetBoarder taking JetBoarding around the world

Following on from a successful launch at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show earlier this year, Aussie based company, JetBoarder is now taking JetBoarding to the World. Team Jetboarder has had successful launches at the Cannes Boat Show, Monaco Super Yacht Show, & Genova International Boat Show. The JetBoarder demo team performed on water demonstrations that entertained the Monaco & Cannes & Genova crowds showing off the Jet Boards amazing speed, power and agility.

The JetBoard is a lightweight, easy to ride, jet propelled water craft, similar to a Jet ski, making it the perfect accessory for Superyachts. It is a stand up rocket ship that launches the rider to a maximum speed of 70 k p/hr. Allowing the rider to walk on water, turning by carving into the water similar to surfing, wakeboarding, kite boarding & snowboarding. β€˜What I love about JetBoarding is that it challenges your senses. Both young and old can easily master JetBoarding. if you can ride a bike than you can ride a JetBoard. We have a 100% success rate to date.’ Advised Jet captain Chris Kanyaro.

Take a traditional sit down Jet Ski and squeeze it inside a surfboard, then you have a JetBoard. Creating this product was a challenge, but the company is happy to now introduce two models of JetBoards worldwide. Firstly it offers the original model the Sports Model which is a fun nimble responsive ride. This model is accompanied by the recently launched Adventurer, which is a great all round board for all the family to ride. Team JetBoarder has secured over 20 International Dealers, from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Moscow, Cannes, Monaco, to Singapore and will be attending numerous shows this year.

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