Australian Superyacht Crew forms alliance with TAFE NSW Sydney Institute Maritime

Aspiring Superyacht crews can now undertake globally recognised training allowing them to work internationally and domestically for the first time, thanks to a unique strategic alliance. Australian Superyacht Crew Recruitment & Training (ASC) has partnered with TAFE NSW Sydney Institute Maritime to provide Superyacht STCW95 Basic Safety Training and other superyacht specific courses.

The partnership means international Superyacht captains looking to hire crew now have access to a pipeline of internationally accredited Australian graduates, who can serve aboard both international and Australian registered vessels.

Until now, most STCW95 Basic Safety Training Certificates offered to aspiring Superyacht Crew in Australia were issued by foreign “Flag of Convenience” maritime jurisdictions. These certificates are not valid in Australia. Australian Superyacht Crew Principal Donna Morris says, “All superyacht crew are required to undergo STCW95 Basic Safety Training to be eligible to work aboard Superyachts".

The problem for many Australians has been that their STCW95 Certificate provided by other training establishments and issued by various foreign maritime jurisdictions are not recognised by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) for eligibility to work on Australian registered vessels".

Many of our students return to Australia seeking employment in the Australian maritime industry at the completion of their international superyacht career. Holding an AMSA Certified STCW certificate proves to be a major advantage for them, providing seamless entry to the Australian marine industry without having to undertake the same expensive training again.”

The development is a breakthrough for the industry, as up to 10,000 Australians serve in the Superyacht industry, or an astounding 20 per cent of the total global market. Australian Superyacht Crew is Australia’s leading superyacht crew training establishment, offering superyacht courses both in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Sydney Institute Maritime is the oldest continually operating Maritime Training School in Australia, having provided training for Deck officers to Master Mariner Foreign Going level for over 50 years.

Headquartered in central Sydney, the AMSA Registered facility provides a variety of commercial marine deck and engineering training courses accredited by AMSA, NSW Maritime, IMO (International Maritime Organisation) and STCW (Standards for Training of Certified Watchkeepers).

Head Teacher of Maritime Sydney Institute says “With the surge of Australian seafarers gaining employment within the international superyacht industry, it is a strategic move for our college to tailor some of our existing courses to also meet the needs of the superyacht training market sector".

Given the superyacht sector is now the largest employer of young Australian seafarers globally, it is crucial they have access to the right training facilities in Australia that best prepares them for the unique skills and qualifications the superyacht industry demands.”

In addition to STCW Basic Safety Training, the college will be offering entry-level Deck Hand and Engineering Courses and developing other superyacht specific courses in the future.

Australian Superyacht Crew Recruitment & Training has bridged the gap in Sydney by offering this valuable AMSA-approved training for its students.

The training has additional value above other STCW95 courses in that it provides an industry accredited module entitled Professional Superyacht Crew Induction, to give potential crew awareness of how the industry operates and the myriad differences compared to the local marine industry, the commercial industry and cruise ships. All training is provided by qualified professionals who are experienced trainers and the training meets the requirements of AMSA and the IMO.

Australian Superyacht Crew also provides Superyacht Steward, Stewardess and Chef Training courses in both Sydney and Gold Coast.

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