Avadesign presents Snake One

Andrea Vastano and his team at the Avadesign Studio of Prato have released the first drawings of a new 64 metre superyacht, Snake One.

The studio created an original design for a linear and sleek superyacht which is characterized by internal and external spaciousness.

A five by three metre swimming pool dominates the main aft deck which, for technical reasons, required the yacht to be lengthened by two metres. The pool will have a glass panel on the inside of the beach club, which allows for greater illumination of the area through the refraction of the water.

Large glass walls brighten the interior and a particular feature is the huge glazed finish, 8 metres wide and 2 metres in height, to the upper aft deck. Inside there are two different areas, the first being a well-equipped room featuring a king-sized bed, from which a breathtaking view of the sea can be enjoyed. The second area will be a large lounge-room with a sophisticated entertaining space.

Avadesign is now working on proposals for the remainder of the space of the main and lower decks. It will be divided into two different areas; the space at the forward section of the yacht will be a lounge-room and spacious recreational room, while the other will be a living room but with a different layout and a home-theater in the prow with an abundance of 12 armchairs, arranged in four rows.

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By Merijn de Waard



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