Avoid motion in the ocean with the VEEM Gyro Stabilisation System

Written by Laura Nicholls

There are many different technical solutions which contribute to the comfort of those on board a superyacht. These technologies are meticulously refined by all those involved in the construction of a superyacht - interior designers ensure the decor connotes luxury and comfort, engineers install air conditioning systems to provide guests with perfect temperatures, and chefs create custom menus to the owner’s taste. However, all this cannot be enjoyed without the security of onboard motion stabilisers.

The impact of wave motion can cause discomfort and sickness in many people, regardless of a superyachts size or location. Even the most sheltered harbours can suffer from unpleasant wave-induced motion, so installing a reliable gyro-stabilising system is essential for a smooth voyage. It can also open up more opportunities for new anchorage locations. The VEEM Gyro, produced by Australian Company VEEM Ltd, the leading manufacturer of gyrostabilisers for superyachts, offshore work vessels and patrol boats, is a product that eliminates up to 95% of rolling motion when drifting, at anchor or at speeds up to 50 knots. 

VEEM 1000SD Gyro

Developed after more than twelve years of research and development, the VEEM Gyro range has reset the benchmark for stabilising systems currently on the market in terms of improved performance, ease of operation and maintenance requirements. The models in the range provide significantly higher stabilising torque and angular momentum for their size and improve the efficiency, range and speed of superyachts in comparison to other leading products. The VEEM Gyro’s stabilising torque is created by the rolling motion itself, which results in no time delay between the wave-induced rolling motion and the stabilisation, allowing guests to dine, travel and experience amazing locations in comfort. All those onboard should feel that the ‘jerking’ motion often found on fin-stabiliser equipped yachts, is eliminated.

VEEM 1000SD GyroVEEM’s engineering team used the latest innovations in technology which ensures the new SD (Super Duty) Gyro series is able to operate in ‘whisper quiet’ mode and generate an extremely low 57 dBA on some models, which is quieter than a fridge at home. Combined with extremely low vibration levels, this allows the Gyro to be positioned almost anywhere onboard (including out of engineering spaces) without disturbing the guest’s enjoyment of a tranquil onboard environment.

VEEM gyroPhoto: VEEM Ltd.The VEEM Gyro is fully contained inside the vessel and features long-life bearings that can withstand 12,000-60,000 hours of operation. As dry-docking is not required, intervals between overhaul are very long and can be conveniently scheduled. The VEEM Gyro has the lowest maintenance costs of any gyro-stabilisation system on the market and if required, can be maintained via the internet, accessed by VEEM’s support base remotely or through phone support, data download and diagnostics. 

VEEM boat in Monaco Photo: Bruno Buisson / SuperYacht TimesThe VEEM SD range of upgraded high-performance Gyros can work in unison as multiple gyro units can be installed to steady vessels up to 4000 tonnes in displacement. The four units currently available are:

The VG120SD
For superyachts up to 130 tonnes and 33m LOA, this produces stabilising torque of 120kNm

The VG145SD 
Suitable for superyachts between 60-145 tonnes and 35m LOA, which produces stabilising torque of 145kNm

The VG260SD 
For vessels with displacement between 100-300 tonnes and up to 45m LOA, and produces stabilising torque of 260kNm. The VEEM Gyro VG260SD was nominated for the prestigious DAME Design Award 2018 at the METSTRADE Show for the most innovative design and performance in the propulsion and stabilisation field

The VG1000SD 
Due to be released in 2019 for vessels with displacement between 300-900 tonnes and 55m LOA. Produces stabilising torque of 1000kNm up to 3000 tonnes using multiple units

VEEM 1000SD Gyro

The VEEM Gyro is currently available at some of the world’s leading shipyards. Some of the highest quality superyacht builders in the world have integrated the VEEM Gyro into their custom superyacht projects. Damen Shipyards and Ampelmann collaborated with VEEM earlier this year to improve marine access for crew transfer vessels. Damen’s slender Sea Axe hulls are well-suited to feature gyro stabilisers and are already being applied to the designs for the next generation of Damen Fast Crew Suppliers. The FCS 7011 will feature the larger VEEM VG1000SD unit to provide roll reduction of up to 70% in 2.5-metre wave heights. Damen’s FCS 7011 has a maximum speed of up to 40 knots and is kept steady by the VEEM Gyro unit, which can provide significant roll reduction at speeds of even 40 knots in the roughest conditions. 

VEEM boat in Monaco Photo: Bruno Buisson / SuperYacht TimesVEEM Powerplay is a 19.5-metre Viking vessel with a VG120 Gyro installed and has been in Europe this summer for clients to experience the system whilst travelling at 45 knots. The SuperYacht Times team were able to experience the VEEM Gyro’s in action onboard the VEEM Powerplay Viking Open Sport Convertible during the Monaco Yacht Show 2018.



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