AwlCoat TPC temporary, protective coating from AwlGrip

Awl(®)Coat TPC, launched in June 2006, is a temporary, protective coating designed to provide excellent protection during assembly, production and transit of yachts.

Ideal for boat builders and yards, the coating protects the yacht’s painted surface against a wide range of contaminants including dust, oil, grease and fly rust, as well as light damage and coating overspray.

When professionally applied, one application of AwlCoat TPC forms a tough, light grey protective film, which can remain in place for up to 90 days. Before handing the finished yacht over to the customer, the coating can be easily and completely removed at a range of temperatures to display the yacht’s finish underneath.

The single component, water-based coating can be applied using conventional or airless spray. For smaller areas, a standard paint roller or brush can also be used. AwlCoat TPC can be applied over AwlGrip(®) and AwlCraft(®) 2000 topcoats.



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