Awlgrip reveals new special effect topcoat, Awlcraft SE

Following the recent completion of an exciting product development programme, Awlgrip has introduced a range of special effect finishes to the yacht market with the revolutionary Awlcraft SE – encompassing fast-drying metallics, pearls and effect coatings with excellent opacity. The latest addition to the world renowned Awlgrip topcoat range, Awlcraft SE was recently launched in Europe and will be introduced to the global market shortly.

Available in custom colours, Awlcraft SE is designed to work as one layer of a multi-part system where the Awlcraft SE imparts the colour and effect whilst the clearcoat provides a clear high gloss finish and protection. This combination forms a high performance, high gloss robust topcoat system.

The complete Awlcraft SE system is designed to be as simple as possible, from the components involved through to the application. The Awlcraft SE comprises a simple two coat plus mistcoat application, formulated to give an even finish with minimum effort. Needing no specialist equipment, Awlcraft SE will give a high quality finish time after time when applied using standard topcoat equipment and techniques.

Awlcraft SE does not use any complex or new converters or reducers; Awlcat #2 (G3010) is the converter and the mix is reduced using the same range of topcoat reducers as used in the current Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000 premium topcoats. Awlcraft SE is then topcoated with the established Awlcraft 2000 High Gloss Clear (F3029) and benefits from all the attributes associated, namely the high gloss, robust nature of the product which is still repairable and buffable.

As well as the benefits of the simple system, Awlcraft SE is also a fast drying formulation (overcoatable within 10mins @23°C) which allows multiple coats to be applied within a day, reducing overall working time. With full hide achievable in two coats for most colours, working time is further reduced in comparison to other topcoats.

From concept to fully tested and approved product in less than 18 months, this latest launch was achieved by working with leading application experts from across the superyacht industry to leverage their experience and harness technology already available to Awlgrip within the wider AkzoNobel group. Following close consultation with the Awlgrip field team and customers, in-house development chemists identified the key requirements of a special effect finish. The project team employed this learning to fully integrate new components within the standard Awlgrip topcoat system, creating the Awlcraft SE special effect finish. The approach further benefits from the already well-established track record of the Awlgrip brand as well as the warranty and performance expected from Awlgrip products.

“We have been very pleased with the feedback from extensive global trials of the system, which consistently met the needs of applicators requiring a metallic system that is not only extremely easy to use but that creates an exceptional finish,” comments Chris Toole, Global Senior Product Manager, Awlgrip.

Chris Toole
+44 (0)191 402 2447
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