Aycer Yachts reports positive experience in Singapore

Aycer yachts are built by Sayer Yachts FZC, based in the United Arab Emirates, in the Rak Investment Authority Free Zone. The company is established by two yacht aficionados Mr. Naser Mohamed Al Sayer, and Mr. Patrick Van Der Elst, who I met up with on board superyacht Naser II at the Singapore Yacht Show. Patrick, a naval architect, designer and yacht builder since 1973, talked about his experience in Singapore this year.

Whether or not the show has been successful for us, might be a bit pretentious for us to say at this stage. We are new at this show, so we are still just discovering. We are happy to have had such high quality visitors on board. So we are very positive. Patrick continues: ''It has been the first time that we are in Asia with a yacht. We did another show in China a few weeks ago, but we did not have a yacht there. It makes a huge difference

We are coming from quite far, and Naser II came all the way from Kuwait, so we put serious effort in promoting our brand in this region. We have another yacht under construction in the Emirates right now, which will need another 10 months to be completed”.

The type of client we see here, is quite different from what we see in the Emirates. Our middle eastern clients are very demanding, they have their own typical set of requirements. We see that these requirements and wishes are quite different from what the clients here at the show have been expressing. We are here to listen, and to understand how to create the perfect yacht for these clients. The size of our yachts in perfect for the region, they are large enough to carry up to 14 guests, without being too large”.

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By Maarten Janssen, photos by SuperYachtTimes.com



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