Azimut-Benetti Group reveals new strategy to maintain position in market

Azimut-Benetti Group, the Italian company looks to maintain its leading international position with a new strategy brought about by changing market conditions.

In the wake of profound changes in the boating industry triggered by events two years ago, the Azimut Benetti Group has developed advanced organisational solutions following a business model which put the client and their expectations in the center of the process.

The new organisation calls for activities to be divided into three main lines of business: Yachts (boats up to 30 metres), Megayachts (boats over 30 metres), and Yachtique (strategic services for the owner).

This represents a further focus on client expectations, which began some time ago inside Azimut, starting with products divided into collections having very precise and specific features, which will constitute a unique competitive advantage over other yacht builders.

The YACHTS business line will be under Paolo Casani who began his career with the company in 2008 successfully directing the Yachtique Division dedicated to strategic services. He has twenty-five years experience in the fashion industry and luxury goods sector with companies such as Armani, Valentino, Calvin Klein and Ferragamo.

The manager is now set to provide a significant boost to the market of the yachts up to 30 metres, as well as to the elements of innovation and technological research that have always been the hallmark of the Group’s boats in this segment – a strong, client-oriented vision.

Through enhancement of the dealer network by providing dealers with a portfolio of unique services – ranging from technical matters and crew management to financial services – owners will be able to benefit, as before, from an outstanding product, but augmented now by even greater support.

The Megayacht area will be headed by Vincenzo Poerio, long-time manager of the Company, CEO of Benetti for the past 18 years. In this area the main change concern the Azimut Grande Collection, the range of planning boats over 30 meters with a wider possibility of customization. In order to reinforce the tailor-made approach that typifies boats of this size, the Azimut Grande Collection will apply the business model already in use at Benetti (Italianstyle relationship management and custom solutions).

The Azimut Grande Collection will benefit of technological solutions, components, and building techniques (from floating floor-board to sound-proofing and air-conditioning systems to personal design equipment, etc.) that are capable of giving customers the highest level of comfort in pure Benetti style.

While still maintaining the distinctive spirit of each of the Group’s three brands (Azimut Yachts, Atlantis, and Benetti), this new organisation gives full expression to the Company’s desire to continue to keep its leading position in all key markets, as strengthened by its track record of financial stability, base of an unrivalled leadership.

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