Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture introduce glass research project

Due to an increasing demand for larger beach clubs, more natural light and a greater connection with the marine environment, Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture began a project last year to investigate the use of larger glass areas. Designs with large open spaces and windows from deck to ceiling are appealing and help work out the wishes listed earlier, but can cause problems for the strength of the vessel.

Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture contracted Lloyd’s Register and a yacht glazing specialist to provide their relevant input. The ultimate objective is to discover the means by which it is possible to use more glass on the superstructure and in the hull, to blur the boundary between interior and exterior spaces.

Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture stated that whilst they understand that the use of such large expanses of glass will have repercussions on air conditioning due to solar radiation, they believe that suitable solutions can be found. The research has shown that load bearing glass is not advisable on a yacht due to the dynamic behaviour in seaway, so the focus has shifted to using glass with an alternative construction method. This method has evolved into a concept using full glass walls on all superstructure decks. This concept results in great panoramic views, particularly when accompanied with glass bulwarks, without compromising the structural integrity of the vessel.

In addition to using glass on the superstructure, the project is also focusing on using glass in the aft areas. Tender garages, for instance, have the potential to be fully transformed into beach clubs with swimming platforms. Azure is developing a number of solutions for beach club ideas for a number of clients. Azure plans to integrate the results of their research project into their own designs, but will also offer their specific knowledge in this field to partner yacht designers and yacht builders.

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