Baglietto launches new website

Baglietto SpA’s newly edited and restructured website is online. Its thorough restyling overhauls the historical shipyard’s presence also on the Internet. Developed in cooperation with the agency Independent Ideas, the website is characterised by an innovative horizontal architecture that is extremely convenient for users, who are by now familiar with the dynamic horizontal-scroll navigation typical of tablets.

Easy, user-friendly navigation options have indeed been conceived for all mobile devices, while the website’s modular, linear and refined design reflects the sober, tasteful style of the “Seagull” brand.

Rich in both pictures and content, the website offers a wide range of information and easy-to-use, constantly updated materials. Users will not only be able to retrace the brand’s history through an exciting chronological journey, but also to gain access to constantly up-to-date information on the shipyard’s new projects and the activities of the Baglietto community. Indeed, the website will soon be easily accessible also through the main social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and You Tube, which will ensure the Baglietto brand a new digital brand experience.

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