Baglietto announces sale of first T60 superyacht

Baglietto has just announced the sale of the first 60-metre Baglietto T60. The sale follows only three days behind the sale of the eighth 52-metre T52 superyacht marking a fantastic end to the year for the Italian shipyard. Baglietto T60 yacht exterior designThe T60 superyacht was first introduced as a concept at the Monaco Yacht Show in October. She features exterior design from Francesco Paszkowski and is an larger evolution of the T52 model. Baglietto 60m T Line exterior design"It is difficult to hide the great sense of pride we feel for securing this sale," commented Baglietto CCO Fabio Ermetto, "not only because it comes just 3 months after the project was introduced to the public and as the culmination of an extraordinary year, but above all because it confirms the appropriateness of the creative choices pursued by the shipyard together with designer Francesco Paszkowski. This model, I believe, has all the features the market is looking for today, but it also opens new horizons for the recreational boating industry, by implementing highly innovative, unprecedented onboard solutions. Indeed, the T60 radically changes the concept of life at sea, overturning long-established rules that juxtapose sea and land, interiors and exteriors, formal and informal, day areas and night areas".Baglietto T60 yacht exterior design Hull 10260 will have interiors pencilled by Francesco Paszkowski Design in cooperation with Margherita Casprini and is scheduled for delivery in 2026. The construction on speculation of a second hull is going to start soon.Baglietto 60m T Line exterior designBaglietto's CEO Diego Michele Deprati  added, "Figures alone cannot always convey the efforts and commitment they stem from. This time, however, I think it is fair to highlight what Baglietto has been able to accomplish in 2022, a year that is represented at best by the sale of this T60: 9 yachts between 41 m and 60 m in length sold, 22 boats under construction, 3 new models delivered, 3 new sales offices opened around the world, €13 million invested in the La Spezia and Carrara facilities, and the launch of Bertram's European division, with the sale of the first unit. Behind all this stands a whole organisation, but, first and foremost, are the passion and pride of so many people involved. The T60 starts a new chapter in the Seagull brand's extraordinary history, and marks the beginning of a new era".