In Pictures: Baltic’s foiling yacht Canova on sea trials in Finland

Written by Charl van Rooy

Baltic Yachts has begun testing its innovative new 43.3-metre foiling sailing yacht Canova on the waters outside Jakobstad as the Finnish shipyard draws closer to delivering its largest yacht of 2019. Built for an experienced owner who was represented during the build by Fluidsailing's Mattia Belleri, Canova stands out from other sailing yachts in her class having been fitted with a DSS foil below the waterline that extends outward from either side of the hull for improved stability and performance. Canova yacht sailingPhoto: Eva-Stina Kjellmann

Having been sailed in various wind conditions, from light breeze to rough weather, the Baltic team has found the foil to exceed expectation and will continue to fine-tune the setup to capitalise on its potential. Combined with a powerful all-carbon rig by Rondal with Carbo-link standing rigging, the additional stability provided by the foil reduces the heel angle and overall comfort on board. This synergy has been achieved through the partnership from naval architects Farr Yacht Design, sail supplier North Sails, DSS developer Infiniti Yachts and Baltic’s team of engineers. Composite engineers Gurit in the UK designed Canova’s complex structure that will provide a solid platform during her long-distance voyages. Canova yacht sailingPhoto: Eva-Stina Kjellmann

In addition to the power generated under sail, Canova’s front-facing pull propeller has already recorded top speeds of over 14 knots as driven by a near-silent 420 kW electric motor. While under sail, the propeller acts as a hydro-generator which charger the six banks of Lithium-ion batteries on board. Baltic’s silent generators and sound shiels make for a peaceful environment on board for extended periods and not only simple marina and anchorage manoeuvres. Canova yacht sailingPhoto: Eva-Stina Kjellmann

Henry Hawkins, Baltic Yachts’ Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, commented: Canova epitomises the Baltic Yachts’ product, an advanced composite superyacht displaying remarkable innovation which has been deeply researched and excellently engineered. Working with an experienced, driven and enthusiastic client has been key to achieving these goals. We are delighted with the initial trials.”Canova yacht sailingPhoto: Eva-Stina Kjellmann

Canova’s sleek and minimalist style is the work of Lucio Micheletti from Micheletti + Partners who styled the exterior and interior of the yacht. A large fixed bimini extends aft over the cockpit that follows the same level as the deckhouse for an uninterrupted indoor-outdoor feeling. Single-piece glass panels on either side of the cockpit protect guests from the elements and can be lowered when at anchor. Inside, up to six guests can stay overnight along with the yacht’s eight permanent crew. Canova yacht exterior detailPhoto: Eva-Stina KjellmannCanova yacht sternPhoto: Eva-Stina Kjellmann

Beneath Canova’s foredeck a custom 7-metre tender capable of a 45-knot top speed is stowed. Built-in refuelling tanks add to the yacht’s independence when cruising in remote areas. 



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