Behind the scenes: setting up SuperYacht Gallery London

Written by Charl van Rooy

A highly motivated and organised team is currently busy transforming the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London into a visual world of yachting ahead of the opening of the inaugural SuperYacht Gallery exposition. The event is the first of its kind and will combine the very best in what has been achieved on the yachting scene and also what this dynamic business holds in store.

With the eight galleries now well and truly taking shape, the lucky few to have ventured beyond the veil of secrecy that is currently keeping the public waiting, can attest to the excitement and anticipation brewing inside the Saatchi Gallery walls. A world filled with unique images, never-before-seen footage and out-of-this-world 3D elements are being assembled in order to tell the superyacht story from a point of view that will be enjoyable and understandable to experienced and first-time yacht owners and their families.

Incredible photographs of a variety of yachts are being installed as works of art while a dedicated audiovisual team are creating an immersive experience in a cinema-style setting where visitors will be blown away by moving footage of some of the coolest yachts on the water.

The team will work through the night in order to ensure the galleries, from Edmiston’s Business of Yachting all the way through to exhilarating Performance gallery and VIP lounge, are visitor-ready ahead of the exclusive Clyde & Co VIP Preview Night on Wednesday night.

Visitors will be welcomed on Thursday morning at 11:00 when SuperYacht Gallery’s doors open to the public. Make sure you reserve your spot for this exciting event now, here.



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