Behind the scenes with Model Maker Group

Written by Charl van Rooy

Model Maker Group’s persistent pursuit of delivering high quality scale superyacht models has led this experienced Italian company to become one of the top names in the world of scale superyacht production. This ‘mini shipyard’ has delivered to some of the leading yacht builders and designers in the industry, entrusting them to accurately and consistently bring their respective superyacht projects to life, years ahead of commissioning or launch. We met up withGiuseppeCapobianco at Model Maker Group to find out what sets them apart from the field.

How important has it become over the last decade for shipyards/designers to have a high quality model at their displays?

The quality of the model is extremely important as this becomes a direct representation of the design. If the model is of low quality, the project and time which has been dedicated to creating the design, can be lost. The model also plays an important role in the sale of a yacht/project as its purpose is to capture the emotion of the design and relay that to an experience for the client before even stepping onboard.

How long does it take for you to construct an average sized (50-60cm) scale model?

It usually takes us around 6 weeks to complete a model. We have a big facility in Itri, between Rome and Naples, where we use state-of-the-art rapid prototype machines that enables us to efficiently construct and sculpt the models.

How have the materials used in model making developed over the last decade?

We use every type of material and technology at our disposal to create our products. We have sculpting machine as well as 3D printing devices. The hull for instance will be milled, for deck railings we use brass for an authentic finish, and our laser cutting machines accurately outline the teak decks of the yachts.

How much do you rely on these machines to create the models, and which parts are still finished by hand?

The machines allow us to rapidly create the bulk of the model shape very accurately. The final detailing however – painting, minute details – all are finished by hand.

What can we expect from Model Maker Group over the next few years?

We will be working closer with shipyards and designers to not only deliver high quality scale models, but to become a key part of the process in order to assist in the sale of these projects and also the conceptualisation of new ideas and designs. Closer to home, we are constantly investing in new technologies at our facility to increase our production capabilities and quality.

Model Maker Group travels the world follwing the major boat shows in Fort Lauderdale, Singapore, Dubai, Miami and Cannes, and Monaco is no different. Get in touch with Giuseppe Capobianco to arrange a meeting in Monaco next week at +39 347 526 9841 or [email protected].



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