Behind the scenes of a luxury superyacht elevator engineer company

Written by Laura Nicholls

To serve one of the most bespoke and luxurious industries in the world, those at the specialist supplier Lift Emotion revolve their business around creating custom elevators for some of the fleet’s greatest superyachts. Aside from completing projects for the commercial, residential and cruise-ship industries, Lift Emotion has engineered, produced and installed products for yachts by Feadship, Oceanco, Delta Marine, Nobiskrug, Lürssen, Damen, Turquoise, Echo and Benetti.  Jubilee exterior detailNow preparing for a busy season, Lift Emotion shares a rare insight into five of their most recent new-build projects. The process of making an elevator for a bespoke new-build is very time consuming and sometimes may encounter unexpected delays and changes. For a new 80-metre superyacht project at Nobiskrug which began in 2016, the elevators were recently handed over almost three years later in time for the superyacht’s 2019 launch. Up to eight weeks are required to create the initial 3D design and once approved by the yard and designer, is discussed further to confirm the finer details of the design and integration. The engineering and production phase can take up to 24 weeks to complete.  Yacht elevator installation The design for the elevator onboard a recent 80-metre Nobiskrug-built vessel was one that evolved predominantly through discussions with the naval architect. The result was a special engineered drum drive system in the top of the elevator shaft with a custom drive motor which reduced space and weight in order to maximize the size of the cabins and surrounding spaces. Special customizations to the elevator cabin made by the interior designer included a glass panel integrated into the cabin with invisible hinges and lift locks so that when cleaned, every area could be reached easily from inside the cabin. To achieve the desired look, the Lift Emotion engineering team placed the elevator connections inside a trunk structure made especially by the Nobiskrug shipyard.  The final dazzling result from Lift EmotionAnother recent superyacht - a 95-metre new-build by German shipyard Lürssen - features an elevator with a round trunk decorated to a custom design created by the vessel’s interior designer. In the early stages of construction, the design for this elevator was changed to be a circular shape, which required a bespoke round steel lift trunk suitable for the specific choice of decoration. To ensure a smooth, quiet ride, and help reduce up to 50% of the power consumption, the elevator featured a hydraulic system with an inverter-driven powerpack. Another unique aspect of this custom elevator, which can be viewed in action during the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show, is the shallow pit underneath, freeing up enough space for an additional functional room.  Elevator detail2019 has been another successful year for Lift Emotion, as they were also brought on board on one of the 100-metre plus superyachts recently built in Italy. For this one-of-a-kind vessel, a full-glass elevator was created to move over five decks with the guiding drive systems concealed behind a decorative wall, so all those on board were only able to see the illusion of a 3-metre glass box in motion when the elevator was in use. To compensate for the weight of the glass elevator, unique engineering and lightweight materials were required for installation.  Faith anchored sternThe majority of the Lift Emotion elevators are completely tailored to the project in question, ensuring that the team are kept on their toes, and at the top of their game. As well as being able to demonstrate their abilities on board some of the most notable superyachts in Port Hercules at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, such as those displayed by Nobiskrug and Lürssen, the Lift Emotion team is able to help designers, owners and engineers with any technical queries. They are also able to assist with specially designed and engineered solutions and check the onboard situation for future service work, even if another brand of elevator exists.  Lift Emotion marketingYou can visit Lift Emotion and see examples of their elevator solutions in action at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show in the Darse Sud, QS68. To find out more, contact the company directly via the contact details below.  


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