Benetti Sail Division signs contract for BSD147 Logica superyacht

Benetti Sail Division has announced the sale of the BSD147 Logica, which is conceived as an transoceanic Yacht and will be a genuine breakthrough in the SuperYachting world. The BSD Logica line, designed by Luca Brenta, is the answer to the market that sees owners yearning for outstandingly well designed products, while combining quality and low consumption.

The Logica range shows style and refinement, whilst remaining focused to the concept of displacement. Holding true to its very own name, the lines of LOGICA are logical, clean and tidy. The profile is gentle, the superstructure, which is essential and discrete, is designed to maximize interior volumes. The imposing vertical bow gives the boat strength and majesty.

The BSD147 Logica is conceived to live and stay at sea in total freedom. The large capacity tanks allow for long passages. Moreover, the RINA green plus certification would allow the yacht to stay at anchor in the most beautiful, pure and uncontaminated marine areas.

Luca Brenta, the designer of the whole Logica line, has built his reputation in the sailing world remaining respectful to the environment and able to give great value to the space of the interiors. The result of his research has been met with huge satisfaction as the Logica model (from the 98” to the 147”) benefits from large and very well put together internal areas and, thanks to the expansive and continuous windows, an outstanding interior natural lighting makes the yachts a terrace on the sea.

Benetti Sail Division
+39 0584 390 194
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Luca Brenta
+39 02 439 95071
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