Bespoke communication solutions for superyachts

Airship is the international yacht communications expert, providing communication solutions for many superyachts in close cooperation with owners, representatives and captains. Founded by communications expert Alan Bernardi, the company provides bespoke solutions for superyachts that always aim to meet, and exceed, every owner's requirements. The company offers each client a wide range of solutions, implemented and managed by a team of highly experienced professionals, available for new build and refit projects.

Offering bespoke packages is key, so Airship always focuses their expertise on assuring every client the best possible coverage, whether onboard or ashore. With their impeccable reputation, Airship always aim for excellence. They do so, by understanding the client's needs and allowing that knowledge, combined with their broad experience within the field of superyacht communications, to create the very best package for everyone. A package that will suit the needs of owners, crew and representatives seamlessly, allowing perfect communication around the globe, 24 hours a day. All this, while keeping a keen eye on budgets and working in strict accordance with schedules. In short, Airship simply is the go-to partner for reliability, accuracy and excellence in superyacht communications.

Airship works with partners that have all been carefully selected, assuring perfect communication services worldwide. With regards to satellite communications, Airship work with leading systems such as VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya. These all allow flexible solutions for telephone, fax, email and internet, with top performance, impressive reliability and global coverage. Ranging from global roaming SIM cards and international SIM cards to marine satellite communication and yacht satellite television solutions such as RTVi and Sky subscriptions, Airship has the knowledge, experience and products to present every client with the best possible solutions.

Mobile phone services are obviously one of the central pillars in superyacht communications. Looking for the best package for mobile phone coverage, the company has a wide range of solutions specifically tailored for superyacht owners and crew. With partners such as O2, Orange and Vodafone, and a variety of inclusive packages available, Airship combines high flexibility with impressive cost effectiveness.

With an already impressive collection of options available, Airship is very proud to present to their clients a brand new service that is simply the easiest, most convenient and cost effective package in the industry. With the Unlimited International Roaming Data SIM, frequent travellers are offered complete coverage and unlimited downloads in over 70 countries. In short, this SIM allows users to effortlessly travel from country to country without any issues, all at an affordable fixed rate, getting rid of astronomical phone bills while maintaining perfect quality of service.

After extensive testing in the United States, Asia and Europe, the Unlimited International Roaming Data SIM allows every major operating feature such as exchange email, Skype and large file transfers. As the only company offering this new product, Airship holds the exclusive right to sell this product in the superyacht industry. And with their knowledge and experience of supplying the industry with communication solutions, Airship can confidently present this great new service as an extension of their already impressive portfolio of packages.

Alan Bernardi
[email protected]

By Jochem Kaan



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