Top interior design features of the Custom Line Navetta 30 by Patricia Viel

Written by Parisa Hashempour

The 28.43-metre Custom Line Navetta 30 is a pocket superyacht with a standout sporty style. With the first unit already with her owner, the result of the brand’s first collaboration with Italian design studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel is an interior style defined by a traditional maritime theme with a contemporary twist. Custom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht cruisingPhoto: Custom Line To find out more, we spoke exclusively with Patricia Viel, who told us the intimate story behind the distinctive design details of this floating home-away-from-home.Custom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht saloonPhoto: Custom Line YachtsCustom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht stateroomPhoto: Custom Line YachtsBlending blues 

The interior of the yacht features a consistent marine theme, seen most acutely in the blue colour palette that runs throughout the entirety of the Navetta 30. “With the choice of blue colours we aimed to create a continuity between the interior and the exterior, making you feel the sea in every detail and space of the boat,” Viel tells us. However, this is simply the beginning of the vessel’s nod to all things nautical. Custom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht aft deckPhoto: Custom Line YachtsCustom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht upper deckPhoto: Custom Line YachtsMaritime motifs 

The Navetta 30 radiates fine details, noted in accents of carbon detailing, quartz fibre and fibreglass surfaces throughout. To complement these punchy materials, the designers have referenced the sea through the rounded lines and curves of the interior spaces, furniture and window frames of the yacht, combined with the use of natural materials like solid wood, leather and teak. “Every detail we designed speaks of the sea,” explains the designer. 

“Throughout the yacht, there are certain design elements appearing again and again. For example, the same rope that is on the detailing of the sofa can be spotted on the banister of the staircase going up to the sundeck. The migration of those details gives a charming feel.” Custom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht stateroomPhoto: Custom Line YachtsCustom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht saloonPhoto: Custom Line YachtsTouch, don’t just look

Viel also explains that great design is not just about a vessel’s visual appeal, but what it feels like inside too. “The design is also very tactile – it’s not only about the aesthetic, the colours and finishes. It’s about the things that you touch when you use the boat." 

This is how the yacht comes to feel more like a liveable space. “We’re not just trying to make luxury floating homes: a ship is a ship and its context is the sea, which asks for openness and continuity between interior and exterior. The stylistic features of the interiors inspire you to dress in a much simpler way, to walk barefoot and live an informal life.” This is something that will speak to many yacht owners, particularly as they begin to spend more time on board and look for new, more relaxed ways to travel in the wake of the pandemic. Custom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht saloonPhoto: Custom Line YachtsCustom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht stateroomPhoto: Custom Line YachtsBespoke furniture 

According to Viel, the furniture pieces inside the Navetta 30 are amongst the yacht’s most striking, stand-out features. Custom designed by Antonio Citterio, they are made to adapt to the boat’s layout, while also making use of space. Characterised by balanced volumes and smooth lines, the furniture is made from natural leather, solid and multi-layer wood.

“For me, what is really memorable about the interior is the overall approach that we adopted,” Viel says. “When designing boats, we make a very clear division between the elements that complete the boat such as the hull, the decks and the furniture. This is a very unusual approach because naval design often blends these levels by mixing the interior elements with the furniture. But I believe that it is precisely this distance, this detachment, that makes the design of the interior spaces very coherent with the nautical world: it respects its forms and requirements, and at the same time allows the design and the style to really connect with the pieces of furniture, which are mobile objects that are not strictly tied to the design of the boat.” Custom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht aft deckPhoto: Custom Line YachtsCustom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht deckPhoto: Custom Line YachtsFlexible approach 

Ensuring an open design was crucial for Viel and her team, so each owner could adapt the interiors to meet their own tastes. “The design is modern and intimate at the same time,” she tells us. “Flexibility pervades every aspect of the interior; you can simply move the furniture and use it differently. You can move the table and have dinner inside. What you do is really dependent on the moment – it's not the boat telling you what you have to do. This makes it very different from anything else and adaptable to any owner.” 

With exterior lines by Filippo Salvetti, the Custom Line Navetta 30 has introduced significant new technical and design features for the Custom Line vessel too. Put simply, there’s a lot to love about this sweet superyacht.Custom Line Navetta 30 hull 01 yacht sun deckPhoto: Custom Line YachtsTo find out more about Custom Line’s services and products, contact the yard directly via the information below.



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