How to get the best underwater lighting for your yacht

Written by Parisa Hashempour

Finding the best underwater lighting for a superyacht is just one of a few hundred tasks to complete during a new-build project. The industry’s growing range of lights and their many effects have always been an interesting aspect of a build specification, and so, we decided to find out more about the implementation process from worldwide illuminators, Seavision – a company who say they provide the best service and products to their clientele. 

Taking advantage of that hospitable spirit, we catch up with European Sales Manager, Julia Molay, to uncover the need-to-know steps for any yacht owner that is looking to light up their next new build.Benetti Lionheart yacht with underwater lights Photo: Josip BaresicStick to the bulletproof process
According to Julia Molay, every lighting project is unique and should be treated individually, but how to achieve the end goal does not differ: “The process doesn't change if the brief is custom or not; it is almost always the same despite the individuality of every project. We always have very different requests but the final goal – to offer the best lighting placement – is always achieved.” Like every great design throughout history, it all begins with a conversation. Olokun with underwater lightsStart with a discussion
“Every project starts with a discussion to understand the desire of the final client. We ask questions such as: what kind of effect they are looking for, what colours they would like, how many lights they require for their chosen effect?” This stage is important to show a client the entire range of underwater and deck lights that would suit their vessel size and hull material. “A supplier’s knowledge means we can pair the needs of not only the client, but the boat builder, designer and installer with the right technology.”Westport 130 yacht at nightNominate a contact person
“The contact person who enters into discussions with us can completely depend on your preference. Sometimes we start talking about the project with the owner, the captain, the owner’s representative the shipyard and even designers. There is certainly a difference between our offices; our US office works closely with owners, whereas the European office deals more so with shipyards and the occasional captain or management company. In Europe, it is rare to be in contact with an owner directly, but this is more common in US.”Olokun yacht with underwater lightsTake it to the drawing board
On occasion, we have to customize the lights due to interference with tanks or other machinery, and so, to make sure the placement is correct, the shipyard supplies detailed drawings including GA, tank drawings, frame drawing and hull sections in order. This would include making sure the system runs without any interruption to the overall machinery or design of the yacht, while also guiding the owner to achieve their vision for their yacht lighting.” At this stage, the benefits of working with a company that understands how to deliver the latest innovations in underwater lighting tech will help to ensure that the lighting can stand the test of time and deliver a unique effect. 11.11 yacht with underwater lights Photo: Josip BaresicPerfect the placement
Establishing the perfect placement of lights around the boat is more tricky than you might expect, as one misplaced unit could result in machinery or design faults. “The idea is to create a consistent light effect with a regular placement. However, we have to make sure that the placement does not interfere with the yacht in any other way. Spacing is also something that is crucial to consider, as too is the waterline. While working on light placement, we will also determine the flanges angle to achieve a suitable flange according to the hull shape and the correct down angle that is needed.”Solo yacht aerialFeedback process
After all the planning, the time comes to issue the supplier’s light placement proposal to the yard based on their drawings. “Then we get into a professional discussion with the yard, whereby we update the drawings as per yard comments as the process continues. We all work hard together as a cohesive team to offer the best underwater lighting effect.”

For more information on Seavision’s lighting products and services, please contact Julia directly via the information below.



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