Big Boat Quay in Bali attracting superyachts

The new & improved Big Boat Quay in Benoa harbour, Bali was full recently with three differing agencies berthing their client yachts at the stern-to facility. This degree of co-operation is a first, adding to the first dedicated Superyacht Terminal and first Public-Private-Partnership within the Indonesian Superyachting industry.

Indo Yacht Support (IYS) are noted pioneers (having successfully lobbied the President for easing of regulations) and this facility paves the way for foreign Superyachts to stay for prolonged periods in Bali at a secure, convenient dock. One 40m spent several months there and has booked to return later this year.

The PPP with the port authority (Pelindo3) assures the lease, allowing foreign investment to put in full length pontoon shore access, fenced parking area, a small office, and permanent dockmasters. The new General Manager of Pelindo3-Benoa has committed to providing shore power up to 150Kw X 3 and potable water by end August 2013.

Even before all such facilities are on-stream, the BBQ Dock has proven popular with Captains & crew. โ€œBeing able to sit securely has allowed us get essential maintenance done, give crew some quality R&R time, and prepare fully for Guest visitsโ€, said one recent visitor. โ€œBeing within the port's ISPS area affords security and a good degree of anonymityโ€, he added.

The Big Boat Quay (BBQ) will undoubtedly increase Superyacht traffic to Bali and allow them to remain for much longer periods; an increasing trend throughout the visiting Superyacht community. IYS paved the way by designing and creating this facility; they welcome all yachts over 30m and are already planning phase two, due to demand.

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