Bimini Bay completes megayacht facility

The boatbuilding industry is enjoying an economic boom in mega yachts 25 meters and longer pushing marina owners around the world to build larger berths to accommodate larger yachts. Bimini Bay Resort and Marina, located on North Bimini in the Bahamas, is no exception.

The original marina was built in two phases. Bellingham Marine began work on the first phase in 2000, and by the completion of the second phase, the Marina had capacity for 136 boats 12 meters to 40 meters in length. In 2007, Bimini Bay Resort and Marina hired Bellingham Marine to begin construction on a mega yacht marina. The expansion project added 96 mega yacht berths to the marina allowing the marina to accommodate vessels up to 63 meters in length.

The marinas at Bimini Bay Resort were designed and built to minimize impact on the surrounding environment. “Bellingham’s Unifloat dock system was selected for the dock systems’ ability to provide increased habitat for marine life and to promote improved water quality,” said Rafael Reyes, President of Bimini Bay Resort and Marina.

Based on a study conducted by Turrell and Associates, the Unifloat system has shown to provide four primary benefits to the surrounding environment.
1. Use of fewer piles leads to less bottom disturbance.
2. Use of concrete piles, instead of treated wood piles, is better for water quality.
3. Concrete’s high carbonate content is similar to naturally submerged rock providing a large surface area to support marine life.
4. The presence of floating concrete docks leads to an increased population of filter feeders resulting in improved water quality.

The Marinas have also adopted a number of policies to support environmentally friendly operations. The marinas prohibit overboard flushing of holding tanks into the marinas’ waters and provide in-slip sewage pump-out services. The marinas also provide garbage collection containers on the docks to promote appropriate disposal of waste. Information regarding environmental responsibilities is also posted for guests throughout the resort and marina.

Bimini Bay Resort and Marina offers world-class accommodations to yachtsmen and fishermen alike. Surrounding the marina are beach condominiums and villas, swimming pools, tennis courts, shopping and fine dining. Future expansion plans for the marinas include the addition of a fuel dock and on-site repair facilities.

As the world's leading marina design/build construction company, Bellingham Marine produces Unifloat saltwater systems, Unideck freshwater systems and Unistack dry storage systems for marinas worldwide.



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