BMT Nigel Gee & ASK Yacht Design unveil 72m superyacht Ostria

Superyacht designer Adrien Jousset (ASK Yacht Design) and naval architect Sylvain Julien (BMT Nigel Gee), have unveiled their 71.90 metre project Ostria. This truly innovative design didn’t stay unnoticed as the designers were selected as one of the five finalists in the recent World Superyacht Awards in the category “Young Designer of the Year 2009”.

Ostria not only has a radical look but has also been developed to provide an answer to an environmentally conscious owner. Throughout the project the focus has been set on producing a realistic and feasible solution to reduce the environmental impact of a superyacht whilst creating a truly innovative design.

Although owners are increasingly interested in green designs, they are not usually prepared to compromise on the style, onboard facilities or the sailing experience. Ostria is the result of the convergence of these challenging and often antagonistic aims.

Early in the project it appeared that a carbon free propulsion system was unrealistic. The power production capacity required to propel a 70 metre monohull to any decent speed across an ocean is far too demanding compared to any means of renewable, carbon free, energy production. Even the hotel load requirement could not be answered properly with such solutions unless a significant volume of the yacht was dedicated to this purpose.

The choice of the diesel electric propulsion plant therefore came naturally to provide the necessary flexibility to take advantage of secondary, renewable, carbon free means of energy production (existing or near term technology). Podded propulsors have been selected for their high efficiency but also for the flexibility they provide in the design of the general arrangement.

Where the machinery room is traditionally located; a large summer lounge with recreational facilities including sauna and gymnasium has taken its place. This provides the guests with a unique experience of proximity to the sea, in a level of comfort that cannot be reached by a traditional beach club.

Ostria has been equipped with 370 m2 of solar panels, and a 4 m tall retractable wind turbine estimated to reduce the amount of carbon emission by approximately 800 tonnes per year through the reduction of fuel consumption. The solar panel and wind turbine installation have been designed to become a fully integrated feature of the vessel style.

An in-depth study of the vessel’s main systems has also been undertaken to limit the hotel load as far as practically possible. From climate control to rain water collection, most solutions have been studied to assess their feasibility in the marine environment with the aim of reducing the overall energy consumption.

Ostria demonstrates that low carbon emissions and reduced fuel consumption (with its associated cost) can be achieved through a truly stunning design.

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