Boats4ever teams up with Hanseatic Yacht Care

Boats4ever has teamed up with Hanseatic Yacht Care to broaden the yacht services of the company to include a comprehensive yacht crewing agency for the French and Italian Riviera. Very helpful for this venture is the company’s background in the commercial passenger and cruise ship market through the daughter organisation Ships4ever.

A database of experienced and licensed crew from small cruise ships will give owners of large yachts access to more qualified personnel. Some have already gained experience on charter yachts. This sets them apart from ‘yacht crew’ who have done the STCW 95 qualification but have never worked on anything afloat before. Especially because commercial crew mostly have a better and more professional training. Capt. Thomas S. Wissmann, the founder of, will hand-select the candidates for the open positions to match existing crewmembers and Captain’s with the right mix of motivated crew.

The new joint venture will also offer crew the possibility of a good training on own training vessels and at their own schools. As a new service on offer are courses on board a large sailing training yacht as well as on a 53m motor vessel. As well in the Eastern Mediterranean as in the Western Mediterranean. From STCW 95 courses, through silver service training, yacht maintenance and engineering, through to yacht master qualifications this is seen as a service also for the Captain who wants to give his crew a better basic education before employment or upgrading in rank.



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