Boksa Marine Design unveils new 38 metre superyacht range

After attending the American Superyacht Forum in Las Vegas in May, naval architect Nick Boksa was inspired to design new concepts to match the expectations and interests of the growing segments of potential custom yacht buyers.

”Most owners are still looking for a 'manageable' and 'owner-friendly' yacht. They want a boat that meets their specific needs while offering a wide range of luxurious amenities. They want a vessel they can operate if desired and one that can transport them around the globe if needed. At 85' to 125' experienced owners can still operate the boat or can more readily maintain a small crew. Importantly, they are also powerful enough to cruise to any location and, because of their size, can dock at almost any marina around the world", say Boksa.

Additionally, these yachts appeal to those wishing to charter the vessel as the size is marketable within the brokerage and charter community.

The intent of these designs by Boksa Marine Design is to present new styling and general arrangment options to potential owners, helping them understand that designs are scalable and that interiors, exteriors and arrangements can be matched to suit the needs and wants of the buyer.

"It's important for potential owners to understand that they can get the yacht they want. They don't have to be locked in to what's already available on the market. It all starts with an initial conversation about what the owner is looking for in their boat. That communication and interaction between designer and owner is essential and it's what drives the process," says Nick Boksa, president of Boksa Marine Design.

The American market is still more substantial than Europe and China in terms of potential buyers. The question has become how to appeal to to these potential buyers, either welcoming them into the yachting lifestyle or extending their experience.

""The market share among the super wealthy who are also yacht owners is still relatively low. Tremendous potential exists for both designers and builders to generate excitement in the experience of yachting and exploration," " says Boksa.

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