Bold’s most iconic features

Written by Rebecca Smurthwaite

Recently, SuperYacht Times took a closer look at what makes SilverYachts' 85.3-metre superyacht Bold the ideal Mediterranean charter yacht. With so much more left to explore, we rounded up some of Bold's most iconic features. Bold yacht by SilverYachts cruisingPhoto: Guillaume PlissonUtilitarian design:

Bold features some of the most eye-catching naval architecture in the fleet, making her immediately recognisable. With her utilitarian appearance, Bold is certainly bold and when her construction began, famed designer Espen Øino was chosen for the job. The owner gave two design briefs, one for her interior and one for her exterior. Her interior was to be one that in theory, you could live on for a month at sea, something like that of a New York-style loft. For the exterior, the owner wanted a sport-activity vessel, comparable to that of an all terrain SUV truck where you can throw all the toys in the back. Espen Øino worked closely with SSPA from Sweden to create the most efficient yacht possible, while Vain Interiors are the masterminds behind Bold’s spacious interiors.

The owner of Bold commented on her design, “I have always done my boats to my own personal taste, and not too much on the tastes of others because if that is how you approach it, you will always get it wrong.” Her owner’s adventurous style shines throughout, making it ideal for guests of a similar bold-nature.Bold yacht by SilverYachts cruisingPhoto: Guillaume PlissonBold yacht at anchorPhoto: Guillaume PlissonWorld traveler capacity:

Since her launch in July 2019, Bold has undertaken and completed 67,000 nautical miles – no small feat. Having travelled nearly all corners of the globe, Bold has ventured into the waters of Nova Scotia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Australia, the Mediterranean, to name a few. “We sailed through New York during the height of the pandemic, we were the only ship on the water,” comments Todd Leech, Captain of Bold. “The whole way through the East River, under all of the cities bridges, we did not see a single person or boat in sight. It was very eerie but very cool.” 

According to Captain Todd, one of the coolest places Bold has explored is the Solomon Islands, where Bold dropped anchor in a volcanic crater, dug out her canoes, and adventured with the locals. Following her Mediterranean summer charter season, Bold is set to undertake a 7,000 nautical mile journey to Patagonia. Bold’s helicopter will take guests to see Patagonia’s many fjords and mountains from the sky – quite different to swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Bold yacht beach club with toysPhoto: Todd LeechBold yacht in Cala di Volpe Photo: SuperYacht TimesWinter garden:

Apart from her cutting-edge design and impressive number of toys, one of Bold’s most unique elements is her winter garden, found on the upper aft deck. Covering an area of 300 square-metres, it is this observation loft that symbolises the project previously known as Silver Loft before being named Bold. Approaching by tender, it is hard for guests to miss the expansive wrap-around glass room overlooking the main deck. With an 11-metre beam to increase hull efficiency and speed, Bold’s winter garden was designed to be 13-metres, overhanging the water in a spectacular fashion. As a multipurpose area, crew can open the sliding doors and windows in the morning to let in the fresh breeze while eating your breakfast. Bold’s owner describes the space, “The contact with nature is very close. It is as if you are living in a house.” The space also features a massive media wall with nine interlinked monitors, perfect for a movie night.Bold yacht in Cala di Volpe Photo: Charl van Rooy / SuperYacht TimesBold yacht exterior detailPhoto: Guillaume PlissonHelipad deck:

Bold’s main helipad deck area is undeniably a feature in itself. At 300 square-metres, the space is extremely versatile. If you fancy a night under the stars, the crew can set up blankets and cushions, and make you a hot chocolate to keep you cosy. Or maybe you want to throw a party, the crew will set up the DJ booth and speakers, move loose furniture and bring the party to you. The options are endless, and guests have free range to transform the space to whatever their needs are. There is even a 9 square-metre high-brightness LED outdoor media wall for an open-air cinema experience.Bold yacht deckPhoto: Guillaume PlissonBold yacht deckPhoto: Guillaume PlissonIf you want to explore Bold’s coolest features for yourself, get in touch with her management team, using the contact information below, to secure your boldest ever charter experience.Bold yacht cruising aerial with toysPhoto: Guillaume Plisson



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