Bray Yacht Design makes huge advances on lowering carbon footprint

Bray Yacht Design is currently running a new model test program as a continuation of their ongoing advanced hull technology development. The first stage of the new program has focused on an enhanced bow bulb form tested to 20 knots. Reductions in fuel requirements for this hull and appendage form result in a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

For 15 years we have been doing R&D into fuel efficient hull forms and appendages. Generally, our vessel designs are 30% more fuel efficient than most; this new technology has pushed those boundaries even further. Our new bow bulb produced an added 25% reduction in powering requirements. This translates into real-time savings: 25% less fuel consumption to achieve the same speed, 25% smaller engines, and 25% less fuel tankage for the same range. Not only does this help to reduce build costs, it also has a very dramatic impact on operating expense. The added bonus is larger interior space for accommodation as requirements for both tankage and mechanical spaces are smaller.

The next phase of testing is focused on new appendage technology: so far this indicates a further 15% savings. The test tank has told us that the present form is the most efficient that they have seen to date, and when completed this new work will place our hull designs far beyond any other technology available today.

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