Breed Media launches new superyacht and luxury lifestyle Media Bank

Written by Ellie Brade

Breed Media, known as one of the superyacht industry’s leading creative media companies, continues to evolve its offerings and in an exciting new development has just launched its new Media Bank to market.  The Breed Media Bank contains over 13,000 high-quality photographs, most by leading superyacht photographer Jeff Brown, and new content is continually being added to ensure fresh and engaging imagery is on offer at all times.Breed Media bankPhoto:“Many of the photos in the new Breed Media Bank have not been seen or used in the public domain before so it is great to make some of the more exclusive work of our photographers available,” says Robert Gleed, Director at Breed Media. “The next stage in the site's development will be the addition of film content of similar subject matters.”  The Breed Media bank is sure to prove a highly valuable new service for businesses both in and outside of the superyacht industry.

Breed Media bankPhoto: breedmediabank.comWith imagery playing such an important and engaging part of telling the story of the superyacht lifestyle there is huge value in quality images shot by specialist photographers who truly understand the niche superyacht industry and its target audience.  The Media Bank contains extensive content tailored towards a wide range of superyacht companies including contractors, yards, suppliers and service providers who are looking for suitable imagery to support their promotional endeavours. Media groups will also be able to take advantage of quality photos to accompany editorial or within publications. Breed Media bankPhoto: breedmediabank.comWith many companies struggling to find appropriate visual content to use within their businesses this new offering will be an ideal solution to the problem of finding affordable but quality imagery, without needing to commission a fully custom photo shoot. A huge range of high-quality imagery that covers every aspect of the luxury yachting lifestyle is on offer and available images include regatta shots for print and display, aerial images, underwater shots including action shots and sea life, exclusive submarine images and pure creative art pieces.    Breed Media bankPhoto: breedmediabank.comThe Media Bank has been designed to be extremely simple to use. An easy to navigate website will provide access to the extensive Breed photo library, removing the need for time-consuming negotiations and image sourcing and instead providing an easy and accessible way of making the Breed portfolio readily available to clients. Photos are royalty free or rights managed and available to purchase in a range of sizes depending on the intended use – everything from postcards to billboards. Users can create a lightbox of their selection, making shortlisting and purchasing a seamless process. Practical considerations have also been applied and watermarked images are able to be downloaded as placeholders before committing to purchase.  Breed Media bankPhoto: As well as catering directly to the superyacht industry, the Breed Media Bank will also appeal to businesses outside of the superyacht industry, especially those within the luxury lifestyle industry that are looking for images that properly represent the one-of-a-kind superyacht industry, which are often difficult or expensive to obtain.  “There are many businesses, either in, or associated with the luxury lifestyle industry, who want to identify their product or service with superyachts and the lifestyle but lack the relevant visual content to do so,” adds Gleed. “This media bank with photographs of the exclusive and hard to get superyacht lifestyle is for them.”  Breed Media bankPhoto: breedmediabank.comFor something special, the library includes a ‘premium collection’ that features images hand-selected by Jeff Brown, including his personal favourite images, that are available to purchase by request, a rights managed licence or as photo prints. Another section is tailored towards display art, with these images chosen by Jeff Brown to be art pieces and all orders being framed by a bespoke framer and arriving mounted and ready to hang.     Breed Media bankPhoto: breedmediabank.comWith many years working directly with yacht owners, the Breed Media Bank will also be appealing for those owners wanting photos of their yacht from either a regatta or similar, either as a personal memory or a gift. So too, private individuals can purchase images, art and prints for private display or as gifts.  

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