Bruntons largest Varifold propeller delivered to Perini Navi

Bruntons Propellers have delivered their largest Varifold propeller to date to Perini Navi. The 40" propeller is 4" larger than the previous largest Varifold, a 36" model used to propel the Baltic Yachts 147. Perini are fitting the propeller to the new 38 metre sloop (C.2104) they are building to the design of Philip Briand.

This 38 metre has been designed as a performance cruising yacht and many designers and builders now see Varifold as an excellent alternative to a CPP propeller installation on yachts of this type, offering as it does, significant advantages where weight is a major consideration.

Weight saving is however only one of the advantages as Adrian Miles, Managing Director of Bruntons explains:- " Varifolds unique design brings with it the ability to handle power outputs way in excess of anything previously available from a folding propeller. Currently we have demonstrated we can produce a propeller that will handle 750hp and our research and development team, in conjunction with SPW GmbH, are working on designs for power levels in excess of this. Not only can it deliver the power and produce excellent performance, Varifold does it with the lowest possible levels of noise and vibration. When you consider that many sailing yachts today are able to use their generators to provide power to thrusters etc in close quarters manoeuvring situations, the complexity, weight, service requirements and cost of a CPP unit on a performance sailing yacht could be considered an unnecessary luxury."

Although 4" larger than the unit supplied to Baltic Yachts the Varifold being fitted to the Perini 38 will 'only' be handling an engine of 400hp, well within the known capabilities of this impressive propeller, which is now regularly fitted, not only by Baltic but Swan, Wally, Oyster and Southern Wind.



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