Building to the superyacht standard: Pascoe’s world of tenders

Written by Georgia Tindale

With over 180 tenders in active service for some of the world’s most iconic yachts, the UK-based Pascoe International has a well-established reputation for their so-called pocket superyachts. Here we talk to Vice President, Tom Southern about how the company got to where they are today and what we can expect to see from them in the future.

Pascoe International was established in 2004. Tell us about the company’s journey into building tenders and some of the major milestones since.

Pascoe International came into being as a major player in the tender market when commissioned by the owner of the Maltese Falcon to supply a matching pair of open and cabin custom 10-metre tenders. The owner had researched the market and could not find tenders which could match his new yacht in terms of quality, innovation and attention to detail. Since then, Pascoe has gone on to build over 180 dedicated superyacht tenders.

It is indeed significant that a majority of Pascoe tenders have been specified/requested by captains, chief engineers, shipyard and project managers – they have the responsibility to deliver to the owner a reliable tender to fully match all the owner’s expectations. As the Pascoe range now extends to open and enclosed limousine tenders and handsome beach landing craft, owners have increasingly wished to be involved in the finer details and to explore with Pascoe’s designers the best way to customise the tenders to match the mother ship and their own particular style.

We notice that Pascoe Limousines actually display the Pascoe brand name yet a variety of styles are evident. Tell us more about that.

At variance with companies who simply offer their services as boat/tender builders or companies who offer weekend leisure boats as tenders, Pascoe tenders are all based on tried and tested ‘platforms’ developed specifically to provide the ideal characteristics required for a yacht tender. This means that Pascoe guarantees such qualities and performance, and the owners can rest assured that they are not ordering a prototype tender which may, or may not, come up to their expectations. Regarding the styling, however, such platforms have been designed from the outset with the flexibility required to offer a wide range of options to ensure that the ultimate styling not only perfectly suits the mothership garage but also can match the look and feel of the main yacht.

A number of Pascoe ‘pocket superyachts’ can be seen at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, all based on fully optimised platforms, yet the look, the style and the proportions will have been dictated by their garages and owner requirements resulting in unique and highly individual dedicated superyacht tenders.

You note that any owner demanding the very best from their tender should come to you. What makes you and your tenders stand out from your competition?

Quite simple – pursuit of perfection. A look into a Pascoe engine bay or indeed a cabin interior will instantly reveal the attention to detail, the level of innovation and, very importantly, the level of practicality and serviceability. Pascoe tenders, whilst very elegant, have been designed as working tenders, not just pleasure craft. They are designed and built to withstand the rigours of working 18 hour days, serving all the requirements of the mothership, with quality and reliability being the hallmark of every single Pascoe tender, whether a 5.5-metre SOLAS rescue tender or a 12-metre highly specified limousine.

You’ve built and delivered nearly 200 superyacht tenders to date, with many clients ordering multiple craft at a time. What makes your clients go for the whole tender package with Pascoe?

Pascoe is unique in that we will deliver a complete set of tenders to cater for all requirements of the mothership. It is not unusual for Pascoe to deliver packages of three or even four tenders to a single yacht. A recent package included a 10-metre enclosed limousine, an elegant 9-metre open guest tender, a 7-metre ski boat and a 7-metre crew/rescue tender. Each project is tailored to meet the clients individual requirements, built by Pascoe International’s 100 strong workforce at a dedicated production facility on the River Hamble, UK.

Pascoe International will be at the upcoming edition of the Monaco Yacht Show. What can we expect to see from you?

You will see the unveiling of two splendid and very special new tenders designed by Ken Freivokh to match his design for the newly launched 106-metre Oceanco sailing yacht Black Pearl. These include a unique 10.4-metre limousine catering for 12 guests within a handsome cabin and a 10-metre larger evolution of Pascoe’s hugely successful Beachlander series. Pascoe will also present a brand new and quite distinct 10.2-metre limousine reminiscent of the most iconic gentleman’s launches, and there will be a number of Pascoe limousines and other Pascoe tenders at the show alongside their respective superyachts.

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