Bureau Veritas launches new rules for superyachts

International Classification Society Bureau Veritas is launching NR500 DT R01E, a fully updated set of classification rules for Yachts and Large Yachts built in steel, aluminium alloys or composite materials. The Rules cover design approval, material and equipment certification and construction surveillance at the yard for single yacht building or for production in large series following an alternative survey scheme.

Furthermore, a major addition to the new Rules is a set of standards applicable to Large Yachts with a length not exceeding 100 m, carrying more than 12 passengers according to SOLAS definition, and used for charter purposes. These standards bridge the gap between international conventions applying to passenger ships and yacht industry standards. These requirements cover hull construction materials including the use of composite materials, stability criteria and damage stability, emergency sources of electricity power equipment and fire safety equipment. They are defined on the basis of SOLAS and Load Line conventions requirements for passenger ships carrying between 12 and 36 passengers. The driving principle is to assist the designer and yard with an alternative approach as an equivalent basis to the international conventions.

In addition to the classification of yachts, these Rules are also applicable within the scope of European Community certification for pleasure yachts ranging up to 24 m, with Bureau Veritas then acting as notified body.

The new Rules update BVā€™s 2006 Yacht Rules and they also include significant newness for pleasure yacht under 300 UMS and several additional class notations covering environmental items (CLEANSHIP), comfort on board (COMF), operation in ice (ICE), automation (AUT) and, above all, helicopter facilities (HEL(Y)). BV has also developed a specialised software package which is dedicated to the calculation of yacht structures built in composite materials, which is linked to the new Rules.

The new NR500 - BV Rules for the Classification and the Certification of Yachts is now available on Bureau Veritas website, under General Info/BV Rules. As usual for all BV Rules, also this set of Rules can be downloaded free of charge in pdf version.

Unless otherwise specified, these Rules apply to units for which the date of contract for construction is on or after 1st of March 2012.

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