Burger Boat Company’s strategic investment: its employees

At a time when many companies are cutting back, Burger Boat Company continues to invest in its employees. Burger’s long term business commitment to employee training is not only a smart business decision that started years ago and continues today, but is an example of a company dedicated to its future.

When Burger made the decision to further invest in its employees, Burger University was developed. Burger University consists of a series of courses and training programs targeted to improving the quality of work, eliminating waste, mapping and developing better processes allowing for improved work efficiencies, continually improving the business culture and increasing employee health and safety awareness.

Burger offers training specifically targeted to company leaders that encourages open communication throughout the organization and training that emphasizes the importance of demonstrating behaviors that help build a productive business culture. Courses offered to production employees’ result in certifications and techniques for continuous product improvements and developments. Taking Burger’s training commitment even further, Burger provides all employees with essential knowledge of the company structure, policies and procedures and how to work more effectively and efficiently within the scope of their job responsibilities.

The educational commitment continues as Burger offers non-job specific training toward building a better organizational culture. Consumer driven health care training, safety training, and work instruction training all continue to demonstrate the consistent dedication of investing in its employees.

While employees have completed many of the Burger University courses, Burger continuously evaluates current courses and implements new courses as needs arise. Burger continues to set the standards in the shipbuilding industry, not only through their product but by their commitment to their employees, now and in the future.

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