Burger Boat improves efficiencies

Beginning in 2006 Burger Boat Company has successfully implemented Lean management and production practices at the company, resulting in improved processes and efficiencies throughout the organization.

As the result of adjustments in Burgerโ€™s build schedule of the six yachts currently under construction at its facilities, along with the increased efficiencies it has gained through all its continuous improvement techniques, Burger has recently elected to make redundant 41 of the over 400 tradespeople it employs. The preponderance of those furloughed were temporary workers who were retained during a previous spike in production needs, and were contracted by Burger from an employment agency which supplies workers to shipyards throughout the United States.

Burger Boat Company designs and builds custom motor yachts ranging in size from 100' (30m) - 200' (60m). Since 1863, the company has been recognized worldwide for quality construction and seaworthiness. Burger is the foundation of the American yachting experience and the oldest and most respected custom yacht builder in America.



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