Burger, it’s all in the family

Burger Boat Company, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, U.S.A. — Just when you think there is no longer the “follow in your footsteps” career path, Burger has seen the opposite trend.

At this moment, there are 15 father/son teams, four sibling pairings and two husband/wife teams. Clearly the phase, “It’s in the blood” holds true. In looking beyond the current father/son combination, in several cases, their father, grandfather and great grandfather all had lifelong careers at Burger Boat Company. David Ross of Burger Boat Company comments, “After visiting dozens of shipyards throughout the U.S. and Europe, I can state unequivocally, that our region stakes claim to some of the finest craftspeople in the world. The work ethic and pride in their craft, is second to none.”

At one point in the company’s history, a new owner tried to relocate the company to Lantana, Florida. Unfortunately for this owner, it was met with much resistance as very few were willing to leave the community. Manitowoc is much more than a home, it is a culture and Burger is much more than a job, it is a deliberate career choice, a destiny. Gene Gauthier, one of the longtime employees of 14 years, stated, “I am proud to have my son Reed share in my career as a fine craftsman. It’s so rewarding to guide him as we build the interiors of these unique and sophisticated yachts together.” Paul Klessig, another employee shared, “It’s been great for my son Brian to work here with me and become such a talented and experienced marine plumber.”

Burger has so much to be proud of, why not share it with a family member? Great employees spread the word to other great employees. After all, it’s the employees that determine the ultimate success of a company. Mark Gagnon, another 14 year veteran sums it up perfectly, “The bond that links the father and son teams at Burger Boat is not only of blood, but one of community pride and the passion for boat building.”



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