Burger’s 32m superyacht Northland delivered

Written by Charl van Rooy

Burger Boat’s latest new build project, the 32-metre expedition-style superyacht Northland, left the American shipyard on Tuesday as the vessel was handed over to her owner. Designed and built for cruising off the beaten track, Northland’s first voyage will see her traverse the inner waterways of the northeast as she heads to the east coast of the USA and into the Atlantic.Burger’s 32m superyacht Northland
Northland is designed by Luiz de Basto who worked closely with the owner to create his ideal adventure yacht. The owner’s passion for deep sea fishing is visible in the custom cockpit at the stern of the vessel where no doubt hours of fun will be had reeling in some big catches.

Northland is Burger’s first steel-hulled vessel delivered in over 50 years and she is completed with a lightweight aluminium superstructure.



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