Busy times for Norco

Norco have had a very busy first half of 2009, producing moulds for new powerboats, as well as many specialist products for large yachts. In addition, they have been manufacturing human and equine spa baths, carbon rallye monocoque cars, modular buildings, hardtops and shutters, vending machines, tractors and even epoxy vacuum infused chambers.

With an in-house design department able to produce custom CAD drawings, bathing platforms, passerelles or side boarding ladders can be constructed in any material from high or low temp pre preg carbon, infused multiaxials, rtm light, injection moulded or traditional and robust hand lamination, or even more traditional hand crafted wood.

Add on features can be manufactured to match the existing colour scheme, ensuring that the final product suits the motor or sailing yacht and is in keeping with the original construction techniques, whether traditional from the 1930s or the latest carbon techniques from 2009!

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