Camper & Nicholsons announces technology merger with Nowboat

Written by Saskia Henn

As the roles of online networks and cybersecurity continue to play an increasingly relevant role in the yachting industry, Camper & Nicholsons International is staying ahead of the game, having recently announced a technology merger with Nowboat. 

Thumper exterior profileTeaming up with the Hong Kong-based seafaring company to launch a new platform accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, the software will be available to all industry players. Detailing information from fuel usage and marina logs to staff profiles, this platform is designed to democratise the big data of the yachting industry and make use of the nonlinear nature of today’s technological networks. 

Qing yachtPhoto: Camper & NicholsonsGiovanni Alessi, who has joined Camper & Nicholsons from Nowboat as the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, commented: “The technology and data from all stakeholders are managed in an extremely hazardous way. For example, information from brokers, clients and shipyards is stored in Word documents, email archives and handwritten notes or through third party service providers. As the industry’s leader, Camper & Nicholsons holds market intelligence dating back 240 years. By collating and sifting that information we can provide a data-driven solution to almost every industry query.”

Mr. D yacht in marinaExpected to be available by the fourth quarter of this year, the platform is being designed by a team of software engineers in Camper & Nicholsons' Monaco headquarters. The first steps toward helping the platform come to fruition have already occurred with the launch of a new website, which went live on 5 June. Featuring interactive imagery and a live chat option, the website encourages client interactivity and immediate feedback. Personalised itineraries crafted in collaboration with travel journalists will inspire yacht guests while drone footage and interactive 360 degree onboard tours will provide rich detail helpful for sale and charter markets. 

X at anchorPhoto: Bruno Buisson / SuperYacht TimesCEO of Camper & Nicholsons Paolo Casani, added: "I strongly believe that today companies don't need a digital strategy, but a strategy for a digital world. Requests for real-time data concerning broker history, port data, events in itinerary locations, weather projections and much, much more has been requested by our guests, clients and shipyard partners. Our new platform will deliver that information to the entire yachting community, not only our sales and charter brokers across 12 global offices. Most importantly it will do so through an in-house tech team who will consistently improve the platform based on data from, but not limited to, customer journeys to incoming yachts."

Chesella yacht aerialYacht owners will benefit from the platform’s real-time information concerning guest feedback, energy use and comparable yachts on the market. In the hands of a broker, the same technology can provide records of engineering upgrades, port log history and price comparisons, making information previously stored and forgotten in the backs of filing cabinets and desk drawers widely and immediately available for every relevant actor in the industry. When made accessible to owners, guests, brokers and shipyards, the statistics on the platform will be a useful tool not only for understanding the current market, but also predicting future trends in sales and technology, and will do so in a way that empowers all industry players rather than destabilising them. 

Skylight yachtAlessi emphasises this point, adding, “Our industry innovation isn’t aimed at market disruption. That’s not a word I like to use. This single ecosystem is designed to make the yachting business easier to manage and more enjoyable for all. Those two tenets have been safeguarded by Camper & Nicholsons since 1782.



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