Canados shipyard under new ownership

Written by Charl van Rooy

The Rome based shipyard Canados has been sold on 23rd December 2015 to Mr. Michel Karsenti. The shipyard was founded in 1946 and has successfully delivered over 700 yachts in sizes up to 36 metres.

Michel Karsenti

Karsenti has been very involved in the shipyard over the past few years, having built more than 12 yachts at Canados including his yacht brand Oceanic Yachts started in 2014. “I’m fascinated, year after year, visit after visit at Canados to still have the same magical feeling of how strong maritime traditions are embedded in workers’ DNA. I cannot say if this is linked to the 70 years the shipyard has been in business, or due to the fact Canados is located in the world’s richest region in terms of architecture, style and history Rome is known for, but I can surely say that the same feeling is shared by all the clients visiting us.”

Karsenti says that operations will now focus on the renovation of the production facilities including the two marinas that form part of the shipyard. Canados will soon unveil new products to the yachting market, with Karsenti stating that: “…our aim is to continue building “haute couture” and surely not go for high production numbers.”



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