Cantiere Delle Marche delivers 82 feet Furst 60

Cantiere Delle Marche have delivered the 82 feet steel explorer yacht Furst 60. Furst 60 is a one-off project for an owner who wanted a yacht that was the essence of the Explorer Yachts. Her blue hull, high bow, and every detail reminds of a typical safe, tough and reliable Nordic Tug.

Cantiere Delle Marche's new yacht has several customized features, such as her Moteurs Baudouin single engine and single screw and her 'take-me-home system', a more common feature in commercial and fishing boats, but not often seen in yachts this size.

The client also chose to have one of the guest cabin modified in a coldstorage/dry storage, a clear sign of the owner's future plans, to take Furst 60 around the world.

Cantiere Delle Marche
+39 071 206705
[email protected]

By Maarten Janssen



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