Carbon superyacht tender debuts at the Monaco Yacht Show 2009

Humphreys Yacht Design in conjunction with UK boat builder Jason Carrington has unveiled the first of a new concept of semi-custom, bespoke sports boats built from carbon, titanium, teak and leather and driven by twin 230 Alamarin water jets. The C-Boat was on public display as a support boat for Edmiston throughout the Monaco Yacht Show.

The project was conceived by Jason Carrington, the highly respected builder of state-of-the-art Grand Prix race boats and leading exponent of exotic composite materials. His brief to HYD was for the design of a craft that would be fast and seaworthy, but also with a particularly shallow draft for manoeuvring close to the shore.

Humphreys Yacht Design has particular expertise in the design of high-speed leisure vessels, both motor and sail, and as well as the use of carbon and titanium in her construction the realisation of the Carrington brief required a number of specialised characteristics developed and refined by the HYD team that are not found on more conventional motor boats.

C-Boatโ€™s deep โ€˜Vโ€™ hull and long waterline length, achieved by a vertical stem and careful design around the water jets to ensure losses of hull area are kept to a minimum, have resulted in a boat with excellent seakeeping characteristics. The second critical factor was the inclusion of a water ballast system that allows 250 litres of water to be pumped into a tank in the bow, which both enhances stability and gives the boat extra momentum to punch through heavy seas. In light conditions the ballast tanks are emptied to allow speeds of 45 knots in smooth water.

The result is a high-speed tender that performs superbly in a wide range of sea conditions, and yet draws just 0.4 metres. Her minimalist design gives her a highly distinctive look without any loss of comfort or safety.

The C-Boat is the first in a new concept of semi-custom, carbon sports boat that will appeal both to superyacht owners and those looking for a distinctive day boat.

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