Castoldi introduces a new model Jet Tender Rescue Boat

Castodi S.p.A. has introduced a new model in its tender range: the innovative Jet Tender 19 Rescue Boat with type approval certification in accordance with IMO SOLAS MSC 81(70) for yachts over 500 GT built under LY3 code.

After months of research and trials Castoldi S.p.A. has designed and patented a unique new self-righting system, called R.I.SE.R., which is fully recessed in a dedicated stern peak, making the Jet Tender 19 Rescue Boat look exactly like the standard Jet Tender 19 version. Yet it I completely different from any other rescue boat on the market typically equipped with unaesthetic self-righting systems loaded with arches, balloons and tanks.

Jet Tender 19 Rescue Boat is a truly multi-role tender: elegant and highly performant for owner or crew use, and extremely effective, rugged and safe in case of emergencies, when necessary.

Castodi S.p.A.
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