CFO Alex Sink tours Merrill-Stevens Shipyard

Chief Financial Officer and member of the Florida Cabinet, Alex Sink, toured the historic Merrill-Stevens yacht repair shipyard on the Miami River, during a recent visit to Miami. Merrill-Stevens, established in 1885, is planning a massive modernization and expansion facility that, once fully operational, will create 500 well paying jobs in the yacht repair industry.

The overall plans include a facility that will repair and refit mega yachts up to 250 feet in length, as well as, public riverwalks, parks, law enforcement offices and historical exhibits. The plans include the most advanced environmental engineering available throughout the facility.

β€œWe are delighted that CFO, Sink took time to visit our shipyard and see our plans for an environmentally engineered mega yacht repair and refit facility. The jobs created at this mega yacht repair facility, as well as the public riverwalks, law enforcement facility and improved parks, will help revitalize the yacht repair industry and the entire community,” Hugh Westbrook, co-owner of Merrill-Stevens Dry Dock Company, said.



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