Chartering a superyacht in Croatia with Navis Yacht Charter

With it's long history, excellent location, attractive Mediterranean climate, diverse landscape and rich cultural background, the Republic of Croatia has long since been a popular tourist destination. Having been populated by the first Croats since the early Middle Ages, the region has known many historically redefining times, not in the least found in the variety of regimes that has been active since the establishment of the modern state in 1990.

In recent years, the Republic of Croatia has been developing itself as an attractive region for the superyacht industry. With a pleasant climates, highly diverse coastal landscape and over a thousand islands and islets, the country surely is a promising option for a superyacht retreat, offering a one of a kind experience that will leave you wanting more.

The basis for going on a successful and carefree superyacht trip is a smooth and organisation. Croatia offers a wide set of services and amenities that are all aimed at making your trip a perfect one, which would be ideally realised working with partners that are familiar to the local industry and know their way around. For Croatia, the ideal candidate for such a fruitful and productive partnership is Navis Yacht Charter.

As a widely experienced charter agency, Navis Yacht Charter has spent years building a solid amount of experience, steadily cultivating a reputation of excellence in the fields of Yacht Charter, Yacht Management and Yacht Sales Activities, not only in Croatia but also in the wider region of Greece, Italy and the French Riviera. Founded in 1998, the company's activities have not only been solely based in the Mediterranean but have, in recent years, been extended into the Caribbean as well, affirming NYC as a highly capable and knowledgeable partner for superyachting.

Navis Yacht Charter's excellence has been certified, having been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification as the only company in Croatia. The company is a member of the American and British Chamber of Commerce.

These are impressive designations, all aimed at showing clients that NYC is the top choice for superyacht-related activities based in the region of Croatia. Navis Yacht Charter proves to have an impressive track record of excellence and professionalism in the industry, meeting strict requirements.

As Neno Vrgoc, NYC's managing director, explains, these certifications โ€œmean a lot. We are certainly expecting more yacht charters this year, because the Adratic Sea, Croatia and Montenegro have become very popular charter destinations. MYBAnet access will help us to match those charter inquiries for larger luxury yachts, as we see an increase in requirements for such superyachts in the Adriatic region from our clients and agents.โ€

As a Certified Maritime Chief Engineer, Vrgoc certainly knows the ropes, not only of the industry but, as a local, of the region and culture as well. With an incredible range of possibilities, possibilities are endless. Vrgoc states that the best places to commence a superyacht charter are Split, centrally located at the Adriatic Sea, and Dubrovnik, in the southernmost region of Croatia and of course Montenegro. Additional attractive options to either visit or commence a trip are Sibenik, Zadar and the Istria Riviere, ie Opatija.

Navis Yacht Charter is anticipating an increase in the superyachting industry, as a result of the rising popularity of the Adriatic region. Many high quality vessels are located in the area, of which Cassiopeia, Klobuk, Imai and Chocko all sail under the Croatian Flag. Croatia and the Adriatic Sea is a sure shot for a superyacht charter that will take your breath away.

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