Checkmate launched for the yacht industry

WhiteBox Enterprise has announced today that their revolutionary data collection and reporting solution, Checkmate is available to the yacht industry. Having worked with experienced captains, owners and management companies Whitebox is now able to deliver the ultimate solution to checklist capture and International Safety Management for the yacht industry. Checkmate is an ingenious solution that turns the tedious process of completing a scheduled checklist or log into a simple one step operation.

In just under a year of testing in a variety of Yacht Industry scenarios, from large commercial yachts with ISM obligations to the management of multiple bare boats. Checkmate has demonstrated over 60% cost saving, increased accuracy and overall improved safety can be achieved on any yacht that is involved in even the most basic checklist and logging procedure. Additionally as the information is saved as live data it can be used many times and in many ways for trend analysis, performance assessment and cross-referencing. So not only does Checkmate reduce costs over traditional methods, it extends the potential of the collected data far beyond the abilities of a word doc in a box file.

“One of the most notable yacht friendly aspects of Checkmate is its ability to operate without need for an onboard network or even computer. This dramatically extends the potential for Checkmate as a management tool.” J Hogg - Windwise Yacht Management.

Whether a captain managing one yacht or a management company operating a fleet, Checkmate looks to offer an intuitive solution that not only cuts costs but also provides an effective archive of good working practice onboard any private of commercial vessel.

WhiteBox Enterprise has over 20 years experience in the Yacht Industry and IT solutions services industry. The focus of the company is to supply intelligently designed productivity solutions for every aspect of industry, education and research.

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