Cheoy Lee to use Palladium Technologies’ SiMON2 system

Palladium Technologies, Inc. has announced that it’s DAME award-winning SiMON2 system is part of the new advanced implementation on the CL 70 series yacht from Cheoy Lee Shipyards of China. This luxury motor yacht will debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show later this month.

The SiMON2, a Wi-Fi alarm, monitoring and alarm application for the new Apple iPad technology, features not only the well-known SiMON monitoring functions but automation on LED lighting as well as control over the bridge’s Smart Glass windshield, horn, wipers, cleats, and winches. In-wall docking stations for iPads also view the security features of the fixed and PTZ cameras on board.

Palladium also provided a full range of electrical services including electrical designs, Titan electrical switchboards, including: AC/DC main panels, DC battery switch and AC/DC pilothouse panels.

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