Christopher Seymour unveils innovative superyacht concept design Y146

Christopher Seymour swaps motor power for sail power in his latest sleek and innovative concept design, with the new Y146 (146’, 44.5m). She is described as being the ultimate cruiser-racer for any enthusiast or leisure sailors alike.

On her leisure side, she has massive open deck space for owners and guest to relax and enjoy, and due to her large beam, she has plenty of space on and below deck. Towards her stern she also boasts enough storage space to fit a tender and general equipment inside. Her transom also folds down to produce a platform for easy access to and from the water.

Her living space is also quite generous, with an open yet protected lounge area just aft of the cabin, which can be covered if the weather turns. Forward and inside the cabin is where the main lounge and dining area is located. The cabin has also being design with a glass roof, which will allow all guests and crew on board plenty of contact with the environment. The glass roof will also boasts a unique feature, the forward part of the roof will act as a large Heads Up Display, which will show guests and crew information like – boat’s speed, wind speed and direction, course, etc.

Down below, and Y146 has two VIP suites, one towards the stern, and the other just forward of the mast. It also has additional guest cabins just aft of midships. Total guests can vary from 6-12, depending on how many crew are required, up to 6 crew can be working on board the yacht at the one time.

The Y146 has been designed specifically so that on one day the owner can go for a leisurely sail single handily, and on the next, grab the crew and race in regattas like the Maxi World Cup. Her performance can depend on what setup the owner has chosen. Give the crew 24 hours for a simple change from the back stay to runners, a sail change, from a standard cut main sail to a larger main with a square cut roach, and attach the bow sprit to suit the asymmetrical spinnaker. All this will then give the boat an increase in horsepower. The boat is also equipped with a 4.5m canting keel to help keep the sails powered up. But if this still isn’t enough, give the crew another day and a optional longer 5.5m keel can be fitted to further the yachts performance.

Her trump card in performance is when she bears away, sets her asymmetrical spinnaker, and runs with the breeze. Due her beam and canting keel she can really power up her sails, and should be capable of achieving high speeds. This also complements her cruising style as well, as a majority of time the trade winds usually means you will also be running with the breeze, which will suit the Y146 just right.

Construction of the Y146 hull will be Carbon fibre, epoxy, and Nomex honeycomb core. Kevlar fibre will also be used throughout the construction in the high impact areas. These materials can also be found in the mast, boom, rudders, centreboard, forward dagger board, helms, to name a few. Not only will this help strengthen the yacht and keep her lighter, but also aid in her performance as well, even anchors, props, and thrusters are hidden to maximise the yachts performance. Sheet ropes will also be running internally to keep the decks clean. Lastly, between the twin bullet helms, a console will be situated so the skipper or crew can operate all aspects of the yacht by simply pushing a button.

Chirstopher Seymour
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